What is the I.D.R.C.?

As part of New Jersey’s drunk driving law, N.J.S.A. 39:4-50, there exist a slew of penalties for a conviction for either drunk driving or driving under the influence of drugs.  These range from driver’s license suspensions, fines, jail, and an evaluation by members of the I.D.R.C.

I.D.R.C. stands for Intoxicated Driver’s Resource Center and is part of NJ’s Intoxicated Driver Program (IDP).  It is an association between the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (DMV), the Administrative Office of the Courts, the Department of Human Services (DHS), and various other organizations.  

The I.D.R.C. is charged with the evaluation and education of all driver’s convicted in NJ for DUI and DWI.  Most often, people are sentenced to 12-48 hours of attendance at their local program.  This sentence must be fulfilled within 6 months of conviction or you risk delaying when you may reinstate your drivers license.

What Should I Expect at the Program?

The NJ IDRC program consists of a DUI education program and a clinical drug and alcohol assessment.  The education program will provide information on the stages of alcoholism, how it affects family relationships, society, and the offender themself, and various other information designed to discourage drinking and driving.

The clinical assessment is a screening to determine if the individual has a current alcohol or drug abuse issue.  This consists of a questionnaire and an interview with a certified counselor.  If the counselor determines that someone has a alcohol / drug problem, they will have broad discretion in determining what further counselling or treatment is necessary before approving the restoration of their driver’s license.

Do I have to Attend the IDRC?

In NJ, all DUI convictions require attendance with the IDP / IDRC.  If you do not complete the program, you cannot have your driver’s license reinstated.  That is not all however, failure to complete the program authorizes the Court to send you to jail for non-compliance with the program.

If you are not a NJ resident, you may be required to attend a similar program local to your State so that you can avoid the hassle of returning to NJ.  However if you live in New Jersey, within 50 miles, or under one hours drive of the nearest NJ IDRC location, you may be required to attend in NJ.  

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